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As a book lover, avid letter writer, and lifelong card designer, Lydia Evans has always intertwined the creative process with tangible designs. She has a dual degree in Studio Art and Government from Hamilton College and is an active member of the Chicago letterpress printing community. Lydia fell in love with letterpress a long time ago and began learning all she could about the art and craft of this printing method. Soon she was designing and printing wedding invitations, personalized stationery, business cards, coasters, and anything else you can put in a vintage press ... and hasn't looked back since.


In May 2010 she acquired her first antique letterpress - an 1850's 7x11 Gordon platen press who was bestowed the oh-so-creative moniker "Gordy". She uses Gordy to print each piece by hand, along with her 12x18 Chandler and Price named Bertha (a.k.a. Big Girl), and a 10x15 Heidelberg (Herbie Wayne) ... when she's not taking a local Chicago Vandercook 4 for a spin.



Letterpress is a vintage printing method which embosses, or imprints, a design into paper. Using lead type, wood type, hand carved wood or linoleum blocks, or photo-polymer plates (created from digital designs), the designs are inked and printed on the press. Each design is printed one color at a time and fed by hand. Each ink color is hand mixed to match to your specific inspiration.


Cotton, tree-free paper is available as is any number of smooth, sustainable, metallic or unique papers. Die cutting is available. Digital printing is also available (shh!).


Printing for other designers is fun, too!


DIY guidance for your paper project is available upon request as well.

©2015 Letterpress by Lydia. All rights reserved.

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